Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

There is likely nothing more traumatic than when a friend, family member or loved-one has been killed suddenly and without any warning due to the careless behavior of another person or company.“In my experience, the first reaction that a person close to the deceased victim has is, ‘this cannot be happening to me, there must be a mistake.’ The experience is just that traumatic.” – Jason Ferguson

Here at the Ferguson Law Group, we assist the families and survivors of wrongful death. You will experience nothing but compassion, understanding and timely assistance from our attorneys and staff. Survivors and family members should consider the following:

Do Not Let Your Emotions Result in Delay

Contacting family members out of town, dealing with funeral arrangements and grieving are first and foremost when a family member or loved-one has passed away. This is understandable.“I have seen evidence destroyed, permanent rights lost and estranged, money-hungry family members take advantage of wrongful death victims and their families. It is sad. We can likely prevent this if we get involved early.” – Jason Ferguson.Do not allow delay to harm your rights.
We understand what you are going through. The emotions are overwhelming and the last thing that you want to have happen is to be taken advantage of by anyone. “I lost my father very tragically and unexpectedly back in 2011. I completely get what these families are going through. This law firm will conduct itself with precision, timeliness and compassion in these cases. – Jason Ferguson

Let Us Guide You Through the Hard Decisions

Let us fight for you! You will be immediately faced with tough decisions. Funeral arrangements, estate planning issues, and even child custody matters dominate the priority list following the sudden and unexpected death of a family member or loved one. We are hear 24/7, 365 to help you and your family navigate the complex issues surrounding the wrongful death of a loved-one. We frequently employ accident reconstructionists, estate and probate experts, and economic advisers to assist our clients in protecting their rights and obtaining justice from the people and companies that have killed your family member or love-one. Our wrongful death attorneys stand ready to respond to your request 24/7.

Definition of Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when a person or company negligently, carelessly or intentionally engages in a course of conduct that results in the death of another person. You must prove that the person or entity owed a duty of care to the deceased to prevent injury or death. Wrongful death can occur in any accident, not just car accidents. Our wrongful death attorneys often seek compensation for children, spouses and parents who have lost the financial and emotional support of the deceased family member.

Wrongful Death Damages

Spouses, parents, children and extended survivors may recover compensation as a result of the death of a family member. The question of how much a case like this is worth is very complicated. At the Ferguson Law Group we frequently employ economists, accident reconstructionists and financial experts to assist the family members and loved-ones of wrongful death victims in determined what options are available, which persons or entities claims should be made against and how to insure that our clients receive maximum compensation for what they are going through.