Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

You spend more time at work than you do with your family. You work hard, they pay you and it repeats every week. An injury effects your entire life. It decreases your income, has a secondary impact on your relationship with your family and often results in a career ending circumstance. If you or a loved one have been injured on the job, you should consider the following:

Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Profit From Paying You the Least

They are not there to pay you what you deserve. Worker’s compensation insurance companies directly profit from paying you the least that they possibly can. Mr. Ferguson has noted, “Sure they will be nice to you in the beginning but watch how long it takes to get a doctor’s appointment, a diagnostic test like an MRI or to start paying you a weekly wage while you are hurt and out of work. You will see nothing but delays, delays and more delays.” You need an advocate on your side.

Companies and “Company Doctors” Discourage Prompt Medical Attention

We see it all the time. A severe injury occurs at work. Maybe the company takes the emergency room but that is it. The injured worker has no guidance on what follow up medical treatment should be, when it will occur or how to get in touch with a doctor. We make sure that you are promptly treated. In cases where you can select a doctor we help you make sure that you get to the best doctor, not a company man or a medical professional that will minimize your injury. Where appropriate, we will make sure that you are evaluated by independent doctors to evaluate your treatment and we will do it promptly.

You May be Able to Seek Additional Recovery Other than Just Worker’s Compensation

Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to additional compensation from other negligent parties. For example, if a negligent driver strikes you while you are driving a company vehicle you may be entitled to an award of money from both worker’s compensation and the insurance company for the negligent driver. Likewise, if you are injured while working by a defective product, such as a forklift or machine, you may be able to recover from both worker’s compensation and the manufacturer. It is important to get in touch with us quickly if you are injured by the negligence of another person or company while on the job.

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