Windshield and Broken Glass Injuries from Car Wrecks in Georgia

Sylvia was going home to spend the weekend with her family. As they neared an intersection, a car shot onto it and cut in front of her rudely. In a bid to avoid hitting the car, Sylvia swerved widely, overcompensated, and hit a lamppost. Because Sylvia was strapped in with her seat belt, she avoided going out of the windshield. But, the impact was so forceful, the windshield shattered and rained glass down on her. She sustained several cuts and lacerations to the left side of her face that, when healed, left pockmarked scars on her face. The result was a disfigured face on the left side that has severely affected her confidence and self-esteem.

Being in a car accident is a traumatic enough experience. Sustaining the type of injuries as Sylvia makes the experience unforgettable. Sylvia will be constantly reminded of that accident every time she looks in a mirror. Unfortunately, broken glasses from accidents do not affect only those in the vehicle. They may injure innocent bystanders as well. If broken flying glasses injured you or your loved one in an accident, you should seek compensation for your injuries. Reach out to an experienced and expert broken glass injury attorney who will listen to the facts of your case and offer you legal counsel on your next steps.

Common causes of car wrecks that cause windshield and broken glass injuries

Car wrecks happen due to various reasons. However, these reasons are deeply rooted in one primary cause: negligence. Negligence is the leading cause of car wrecks, and it results in accidents like:



Typical windshield and broken glass injuries


When two vehicles collide at even relatively low speeds, the force of impact can be massive. This is especially true with side and rear windows, as they are not built to withstand impact pressures as windshields are. Thus, even with low-impact accidents, broken glass flying can cause serious injuries, talk less of high-velocity impact accidents. Some of these injuries are severe, causing extreme pain to their victims, and they include the following:


  • Surface-Level Cuts: Surface-level cuts are the least severe windshield and broken-glass injuries a person can sustain in a Georgia car wreck. They tear or cut the skin and typically minimal treatment such as cleaning and possibly stitching.


  • Deep-Level Lacerations: Deep-level laceration occurs when sharp pieces of glass penetrate deep inside the skin, cutting through underlying skin tissues and muscle fibers, and if severe enough, reaching the bone. They are severe injuries that typically leave permanent disfigurement, as we saw in Sylvia’s case.


  • Shock: Shock is a typical response that victims display after a car wreck. They experience psychological trauma, especially when they become aware that they are bleeding profusely from some part of their body due to a broken glass injury. The response to this awareness is typically to go into shock, resulting in the victim’s death if not handled immediately and correctly.


  • Severed Limbs: Some broken glass shards can be large or sharp enough to penetrate the body almost all the way through, severing a limb. Also, a fragment of broken glass may penetrate the body at a vulnerable spot, leading to injuries severe enough for the limb to be amputated.


  • Bleeding to Death: A shard of broken glass can hit an artery in the neck or any other part of the body, causing the victim to bleed to death if medical intervention does not arrive quickly.


  • Facial injuries: Facial injuries are also called maxillofacial trauma, and they commonly happen in car wrecks resulting in broken windshields and glasses. The main types of facial injuries sustainable in such car wrecks are:


  1. Soft-tissue facial injuries, such as lacerations, contusions, and bruises: They often require stitching for treatment, and they are tricky to treat because sometimes the salivary glands, ducts, and facial nerves may have been impacted in the accident too.
  2. Facial bone injuries: typically treated the same way as bone fractures in any other area of the body: The only difference is that since physicians can’t use a cast on the face, they have to use other specialized procedures to stabilize the face.
  3. Facial joint injuries: These are also known as temporomandibular joint injuries or TMJ. They typically happen when the driver’s face slams into the steering wheel during a crash. The force of the impact can result in the jaw bone fracturing or dislocating. TMJ is tricky because its victim may not immediately experience any physical changes except maybe a swollen eye. However, it can cause complications like locked jaw, limitations in jaw mobility, headaches, clicking jaw, and pain in the face, back, or neck.


If you have been injured in an automobile accident, our attorneys recommend getting medical attention immediately. In addition, all medical documents can be used in the court of law to formulate a case against a negligent individual that may have caused such injuries.


Getting compensation for windshield and broken glass injuries from car wrecks in Georgia


If you or your loved one was hurt from broken glasses in a car wreck, we recommend getting medical attention immediately. The reason for this is twofold: you get some much-needed medical attention, and you get documentation of your injuries. This documentation will be helpful when you file your compensation claim.

You can include both economic and non-economic damages into your claim. Economic damages will compensate you for tangible financial hurts you suffered due to your injuries. They typically include:

  1. Your medical bills, including all costs you incurred while getting medical help like transportation to the hospital for follow-up treatment and associated costs.
  2. Damage to property (like your phone or any property that was on your person and damaged when you suffered the injury)
  3. Lost income if you had to take time off work to recover from your injuries.
  4. Non-economic damages compensate you for intangible hurts you suffered, such as pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement and associated emotional anguish, and other related discomforts.

Seek out legal help today


Filing a claim for compensation for your injuries can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing so while trying to heal from the injuries. For this reason, you should engage the services of a competent and experienced broken glass injuries attorney who will look at the facts of your case and explain your legal options to you.

Your attorney will also handle the filing of the claim and follow-up on things while keeping you abreast of developments. This way, you can be in the know about how your case is progressing while you get some much-needed rest.