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Traumatic Brain Injuries


Injuries that occur in all accidents can be tragic, unforeseen and have lifelong consequences.  Brain injuries can completely change a person's life, effect friendships and family relationships and change a person's ability to provide for themselves and their loved ones.  If you or any loved-one have sustained traumatic brain injuries please contact our traumatic brain injury attorneys immediately.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can occur any time that there is an accident that in any way involves trauma, jerking, or striking of the head area.  Common causes of traumatic brain injuries include: 

Motor vehicle accidents of all kinds

Slip and falls

Aircraft accidents

Work-related injuries

Industrial accidents

Falling debris

Boating accidents

Defective products

Symptoms of Brain Injury

A brain injury is often obvious.  Friends and family members will notice significant differences in a person's actions, behavior and memory.  However, some symptoms may not be as apparent and may take days, weeks or even months following an accident to become apparent.  Common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include:



Blurred vision

Loss of memory



Changes in emotions

Changes in sleep pattern

Ringing in the ears

Slurred speech or trouble speaking.

It is Important to Seek Help Immediately

If you or a loved-one experiences any of these symptoms following an accident of any kind it is critical that you seen medical attention without any delay.  Not only on traumatic brain injuries easier to diagnose the earlier that they are identified, treatment options are typically more successful.

New technology in regarding the treatment and diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries are being developed and approved every day.  Please know that if you or a loved-one are experiencing traumatic brain injury symptoms following an accident, the clock is ticking and the longer you wait to seek legal and medical advice the more you are risking serious, permanent damage.  Call us immediately. Our traumatic brain injury attorneys stand ready to provide competent legal advice 24/7, 365.