Swimming Pool Accidents in Georgia

Swimming Pool Accidents in Georgia

Swimming is not just a great exercise and relaxation process. It’s also a great way to cool off during the hot weather. As such, it’s not surprising that lots of people tend to visit swimming pools during the summer.

Georgia is no exception to this tradition. And that’s why there are several swimming spots in Georgia. More people visit public swimming pools, and others construct them on their property. All these increase the likelihood of swimming pool accidents across Georgia.

These swimming pool accidents can result in very severe injuries, which can even lead to death. They may occur due to the negligence or recklessness of the premise owner. And in such cases, the victim can receive compensation for those injuries.

Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

There are a couple of things that can lead to swimming pool accidents. These accidents can result in grave injuries for the victim. The victim could be an invitee, trespasser.

An invitee is a visitor the owner of the property invited for a beneficial purpose, while a trespasser is someone who comes into a property without the permission of the owner. A licensee, on the other hand, is an individual who is on a property for their own purposes and has the implied consent of the owner.

For the three categories of visitors, the property owner can be liable for any accident leading to their injuries or, at worst, their deaths.

Here are some of the common causes of Swimming Pool Accidents.

#1. Improper fencing

Improper fencing can lead to drowning for young children, especially for children below the age of 5 years.

A child can stray to a pool that is not properly fenced or covered and drown or get seriously injured. So, it is up to the pool owners to make sure they fence their pools appropriately to avoid such casualties.

#2. Lack of maintenance

After building a pool, there is a need for pool owners to maintain the pool constantly. There are several types of equipment that help to keep the swimming pool in top condition.

When pool owners fail to get this equipment and use them for their pools, swimming pool accidents can happen anytime.

Some of these maintenances include using filters to sieve debris out of the swimming pool. The bottom of swimming pools also needs to be scrubbed with a brush to clear out algae growth.

These types of procedures are necessary to ensure the safety of those that visit the pool.

#3. Murky water

The owner of the pool needs to make sure that the pool water is always crystal clear. Cloudy water can cause low visuality for swimmers while in the water, which can lead to injuries.

Furthermore, cloudy water might lead to the swimmer misjudging the depth and the shape of the pool. That is why pool owners need to change the waters from time to time to ensure the water is always clear.

#4. Poor design of swimming pool

When a swimming pool is poorly designed, it will lead to serious accidents, which can result in death.

That is why pool owners must ensure that nothing inside or outside the pool poses any danger for visitors.

To make this possible, they must take all safety precautions into consideration while building their swimming pools.

#5. Lack of supervision

In a public pool, a lifeguard should always be on standby. And not just on standby. They must also be on the alert to rescue anyone that is drowning.

If the lifeguard is unavailable in a public pool, then there might be a case against the pool owner.

Even in a private pool, there is a need for proper supervision, especially when children are around or in the pool.

#6. Absence of warning signs

It is up to the pool owners to place different signs where necessary to warn occupants about anything that might pose a danger to them in or around the swimming pool.

This is necessary because ignorance can lead to severe injuries for occupants in the swimming pool area.

The signs can state the depth of the water or that an area is slippery just to make occupants aware and careful.

Common Swimming Pool Accidents and the Types of Injuries Sustained

There are some accidents that commonly occur within or outside the swimming pool. These accidents might be a consequence of negligence on the path of the pool owner and, in some rare cases, the victim.

These accidents include:
●      Drowning
●      Near drowning
●      Entrapment
●      Slips and falls
●      Electrical defects
●      Diving/diving board injuries

The outcome of these accidents can be debilitating for the victim. In some cases, the victim might require a surgical operation to survive the injuries sustained from these accidents.

And even after receiving treatments, the victim might not be able to get their old life back. The experience can be a life-changing one.

These injuries may be:
●      Broken bones
●      Severe head trauma possibly resulting in brain damage
●      Loss of memory
●      Deep laceration
●      Spinal cord injury
●      Concussion
●      Hypothermia
●      Electrocution
●      Death

Establishing a Negligence Claim

After a swimming pool accident, you have to determine the negligent party. This will help you to clarify if you can file a claim for compensation or not. This is crucial to getting the compensation you deserve for any injury sustained.

Most times, the pool owners always turn out to be at fault as a result of not putting safety measures in place to prevent accidents. And under Georgia premises liability law accidents, victims have the right to hold the owner of a property responsible for a case of negligence.

This case of negligence could be the property owner failing to repair their property or putting a warning sign over a place that poses dangers for visitors.

In determining the negligent party and filing a claim for compensation, you need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyer can carry out thorough research.

During this research, the attorney would accumulate irrefutable evidence that establishes you as a victim of the pool owner’s negligence.

After that, the lawyer can assist you in filing a concrete claim for compensation from the insurance company of the faulty party.

With the concrete evidence, your personal injury lawyer has gathered, it will be easy for your lawyer to bargain for a very good amount of money for the injuries you sustained.

Also, if your loved one died as a result of a swimming pool accident, you may be entitled to compensation for wrongful death.

It is also important to note that in some cases, even as a trespasser, you can still get compensation for the injuries sustained. You can reach out to a Georgia personal injury lawyer to find out whether you have a claim or not.

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