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Personal Injury Lawyer Albany

When you’ve been injured in an accident, you may face severe injuries, costly medical treatment, and lost income. During this time, you might be struggling to make ends meet and are unable to return to work, drive, or even get out of bed. The last thing you need to worry about is dealing with insurance companies or defense attorneys. A personal injury lawyer Albany at the Ferguson Law Group can handle every aspect of your case, from gathering evidence to dealing with aggressive insurance adjusters, so you can focus on getting better.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Albany Help?

Our personal injury attorneys handle several types of cases, including:

And more.

When you’re injured due to someone’s negligent actions, you should know you have options:

  • You can choose to take on an insurance company on your own and risk being taken advantage of
  • You can choose to do nothing and pay for medical bills and other expenses out of pocket
  • You can hire a personal injury lawyer and get the compensation you deserve

What You Need to Know About Insurance Companies

On average, an insurance company makes millions of dollars each year by denying accident victims fair compensation. An insurance adjuster will try to deny you compensation by using legal loopholes and whatever means necessary to avoid paying you for your injuries and other losses.

Let the Georgia personal injury lawyers at the Ferguson Law Group handle negotiating with the insurance company. We know the type of tactics an insurance company will use to try and avoid paying you or paying you as little as possible. We will show an insurance company that we mean business and we will not back down until you receive the compensation you need to cover all of your losses.

Protecting Your Claim

An insurance adjuster is not on your side. It’s their job to save the company as much money as possible by finding a way to reduce or deny your claim. An insurance adjuster may seem friendly and on your side. They do this to catch you off guard when they ask tough or misleading questions. They will do their best to get you to admit responsibility or guilt for your accident. The insurance adjuster will then use these comments or admission to withhold or reduce the settlement amount.

Quick payments are another common tactic used by insurance adjusters to get the accident victim to give up all future claims. While receiving money upfront, right after an accident can seem beneficial, do not give up your right to seek fair compensation.

Once an accident victim admits guilt or makes a statement that in some way relieves the insurance company of their responsibility to pay, the damage is already done. Speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer before discussing your claim with an insurance adjuster.

Claim Value

Every personal injury claim is different. The value of your claim will depend on many factors. Your attorney will examine all of the available evidence to arrive at a sum that they believe the insurance company should pay to compensate you for your injuries and other damages.

The facts a personal injury lawyer will review includes:

  • Medical costs
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of income
  • The type of injuries suffered
  • How the accident occurred

Most accident victims do not know what their claims are worth because they’ve never had one before. However, the insurance adjuster will have a good idea of what your claim is worth and will still try to pay you as little as possible.

What Personal Injury Damages Can I Recover?

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

Investigating a Personal Injury Claim

The accident victim must be able to prove that the defendant is liable. An attorney will work hard to gather all available evidence, including:

  • The police report
  • Medical records
  • Employment recovers
  • Expert testimony
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Accident reconstruction testimony
  • Recorded or written communications
  • Photographs
  • Video footage

If the attorney can produce enough evidence, the insurance company or the defendant’s attorney may be willing to settle to avoid a costly trial.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You can choose to handle your claim alone. However, having a personal injury attorney by your side will show the defense attorney or insurance company that you mean business. If you don’t have a lawyer, an insurance adjuster will try to take advantage of your lack of legal experience. An experienced personal injury lawyer will not be intimidated by the scare tactics an insurance adjuster will use to force the accident victim to accept a lowball settlement offer. Insurance companies know this. When an accident victim hires an attorney, insurance companies are more likely to agree to a larger settlement.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Below are some of the most common types of personal injury cases we handle.

Car Accidents

The most common personal injury claim in America, millions of people sustain severe injuries in auto accidents every year. A car accident can occur due to distracted driving, speeding, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, poor road conditions, defective car parts, or inclement weather.

In some cases, proving fault can be difficult. Because of this, having an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side will be crucial.

Slip and Falls

A property owner has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of anyone that visits their property. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents are very common and can be deceptively dangerous. A slip and fall accident can cause injuries to the head, back, legs, and arms. In fact, falls are the most common cause of hip fractures and brain injuries.

What may seem like a simple slip and fall accident can result in debilitating and catastrophic injuries that can cause ongoing health issues and may require the accident victim to stay out of work for an extended period of time.

Dog Bites

Millions of Americans are bitten by dogs every year. A dog bite can be very painful and expensive to treat. If you’ve been attacked by a dog in Georgia, you must be able to prove the following elements to receive compensation in a dog bite claim:

  • You did nothing to provoke the attack
  • The owner was negligent in managing their animal, which led to your injury
  • The animal is dangerous or vicious

As a negligence dog bite state, an owner must be aware of their dog’s potential to bite for them to be held liable for injuries. These types of cases can be very difficult to prove if the owner claims no prior knowledge of aggressive or vicious behavior.

However, if the dog’s owner allowed their dog off-leash in an area that required their dog to be on a leash, this can be enough to prove the owner was negligent.

Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident often results in life-threatening, catastrophic injuries that can require several weeks, months, or even years of painful medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Motorcycle claims are often very complex. Motorcyclists have a bad reputation for reckless riding, which is why it can be more of a challenge to prove the driver of the passenger vehicle was at fault. Our attorneys know about motorcycle bias and have years of experience taking on insurance companies to prove our client deserves a fair settlement for their injuries and other damages.

Pedestrian Accidents

Going for a walk may seem safe enough, but when negligent drivers are on the road, you can find yourself at risk of a serious accident. Since the pedestrian doesn’t have any protection from a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds, the injuries sustained in this type of accident can be severe or fatal. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident or you have lost a loved one, contact the Ferguson Law Group today to find out how you can hold the at-fault driver accountable for all of your losses.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Albany Today

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s wrongful actions in Georgia, contact the Ferguson Law Group today to schedule a consultation. Our personal injury attorneys will discuss the facts of your case and your legal options and can determine whether or not you have a valid claim.

If we take your case, we will immediately begin an investigation to build a strong case that shows the other party involved owes you compensation for injuries, property damage, lost wages, and other types of losses. Meet with one of our attorneys today to protect your rights and to hold the at-fault party responsible.


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