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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Decatur

Motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. The motorcyclist has no protection against passenger vehicles that can weigh between 3000 and 5000 pounds. The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be life-changing and may require months or years of ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitative therapy, and time off work. If you have recently been injured in a motorcycle accident in Decatur GA, now is the time to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Decatur from the Ferguson Law Group.

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Why Decatur Motorcycle Accidents Happen

When a motorcycle accident lawyer Decatur from the Ferguson Law Group investigates your case, will look into why the accident occurred. This will help us identify the negligent party and build a solid case that clearly shows the defendant should be held liable for all damages.

While a motorcycle accident is often caused by negligence, there are a few ways one can occur.

New Driver

A motorcycle is much more difficult to spot on the road than a car is. A new driver may not be used to looking for smaller objects when they’re about to change lanes or turn. They may also be unable to determine how fast someone is going on a motorcycle or how far away the rider is. These types of accidents often occur at intersections when a driver is making a left turn.

The driver may look for any oncoming traffic, only expecting cars. When they do not see any cars, they may think it’s clear to turn, but instead, they will collide with an oncoming motorcycle.


When a motorcyclist is passing, they may think that other drivers on the road are remaining alert and have experience driving around bikes. However, if a driver isn’t paying attention they may speed up or try to maneuver their vehicle in a way that can collide with the motorcyclist.

Aggressive Driving

Some drivers may feel that a motorcyclist shouldn’t get their share of the road. This can lead to aggressive driving such as failing to yield the right of way to motorcyclists, tailgating, or speeding. When a driver believes that they deserve more of the road than a motorcyclist they can cause a tragic accident. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to knock a rider off their bike. When an aggressive driver is driving too closely, they can tap the back of a motorcycle, causing the motorcyclist to lose control of the bike and fall.

Reckless Driving

While motorcycle accidents may not occur due to malicious intent, unsafe driving can still cause significant harm. A reckless driver may operate a vehicle when they’re distracted, like texting while driving or talking on the phone. Multitasking while driving is not a safe choice. Anything that can take the driver’s eyes off the road or take their hands off the wheel is a major safety concern. Distracted driving can also include applying makeup, eating, changing the radio station, or drinking while driving.

Defective Auto Parts

While an accident victim may feel certain that the other party was to blame for the accident, this isn’t always the case. It’s possible the driver was a victim of negligence. The driver could have been given a faulty auto part from the car part manufacturer. This part could have failed while they were driving, resulting in an accident. If a defective car part was the reason why the driver lost control and caused the collision, then the manufacturer may be at fault.

Why Motorcycle Accidents are so Dangerous

A motorcycle accident often results in severe injuries to the rider because they have less protection compared to a person in a truck or car. A person in a car has the protection of the car’s body, which will absorb the shock, reducing the amount of impact. A motorcycle rider does not have this type of protection.

All the motorcyclist has is the gear they wear to help reduce the amount of impact. Most motorcyclists will wear a helmet and some type of protective clothing, however, even wearing a helmet and protective clothing will not guarantee the safety of the rider, although it can help to minimize the severity of the injuries sustained in an accident.

Because motorcyclists have such little protection, their injuries are often catastrophic.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

When a motorcycle accident victim sustains catastrophic injuries, these injuries can prevent them from going to work, driving, and carrying out many basic activities.

The accident victim may also be unable to return to work due to a permanent disability.

Common catastrophic and debilitating injuries in a motorcycle accident can include:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

When the force of impact shakes the brain, causing it to move inside the skull, or something penetrates the skull, a traumatic brain injury may occur. This type of injury will impact how the brain functions which can affect mobility and/or cognition.


Spinal injuries are also common in serious motorcycle accidents. This type of injury can result in full or partial paralysis. The site of the injury can determine the type of paralysis the victim sustains. Tetraplegia affects the legs, torso, and arms. Paraplegia affects the legs.

Loss of Limb

Severe motorcycle accidents have the potential to sever or crush a limb. If a limb is crushed in an accident, a doctor may be forced to amputate the limb due to a lack of blood flow and/or a lack of function.

Burn Injuries

Road rash is another common type of injury motorcycle accident victims sustain. If the rider makes contact with the ground, the friction between the ground and the skin can cause these burns. This injury can be very dangerous since the degrees of the burns can vary. Severe cases of road rash can reach through several layers of skin to bone and muscle. Additionally, permanent nerve damage due to severe cases of road rash can prevent feeling in that particular area or can impact the function of the injury site.

The Importance of Immediate Medical Attention 

These catastrophic injuries require immediate medical attention. But even with proper care, the accident victim may sustain long-lasting consequences from the injury.

Continued medical treatment can involve rehabilitative therapy, doctor appointments, medication, and other forms of treatment. If the accident victim has sustained permanent injuries this type of adjustment can be very difficult.

The frustration of having to relearn basic functions and everyday tasks can take both an emotional and physical toll on the accident victim. These injuries should never have happened, and the accident victim’s life now has to change due to someone else’s negligence. While our motor accident lawyers cannot undo the harm that has been done to you, we can provide the legal guidance you need to get you through this challenging time.

Our team of experienced motorcycle accident attorneys will take over all communications with the insurance company and the at-fault party’s defense attorney, allowing you to focus on recovering and moving forward with your life.

Our goal is to build a solid case that will hold the at-fault party accountable for your injuries and other losses, to make you financially whole again.

Damages in a Motorcycle Accident Claim

After an accident, an insurance adjuster may try to contact you. The types of tactics an insurance adjuster will use are designed to protect their bottom line, which is to save the company money. At this time, the insurance adjuster may offer you a lowball settlement. While it may be appealing to accept the settlement offer, the compensation is not nearly enough to cover the cost of all of the damages you have sustained due to the accident.

An insurance adjuster is not on your side.

The cost of a motorcycle accident is often much more than the accident victim expects. During the recovery process, the accident victim should not have to worry about making ends meet and paying off mounting medical bills. Due to the severity of the injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents, the recovery process can take several months or years.

A Decatur motorcycle accident attorney from the Ferguson Law Group will work diligently to ensure your claim covers your injuries and other losses, so you will receive the compensation you need to recover.

Damages available in a motorcycle accident claim can include:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the first part of a claim.

Medical Treatment

Economic damages will cover the cost of medical expenses. This can include past, current, and future medical treatment.

Lost Wages

A motorcycle accident lawyer Decatur will also fight for lost wages. If the accident victim was forced to miss work because of severe injuries, they deserve to be compensated for this loss. An attorney will look into the amount of work their client has missed and provide employment records and documentation from the accident victim’s employer to prove this portion of the claim.

Diminished Earning Capacity

If the accident victim is unable to go back to work, they may also be eligible to receive compensation for diminished earning capacity.

If the injuries sustained in the accident forces the accident victim to make a career change, a motorcycle accident attorney will ensure the victim receives fair compensation for this loss.

Property Damage

Property damage is another common type of economic loss in a motorcycle accident claim. The motorcycle may have been damaged in the accident or it sustained so much damage that it is not salvageable. An attorney will include property damage as part of the accident victim’s request for compensation in a motorcycle accident claim or lawsuit.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages can include:

Pain and Suffering

The injuries the accident victim sustained may have caused significant pain and suffering. Both the injuries and the recovery process can cause physical and emotional pain. The compensation awarded for pain and suffering is often based on the victim’s medical expenses and the severity of their injuries.

Emotional Distress

An accident can also take an emotional toll on the accident victim if they are missing important activities or events while they’re recovering. While the accident victim’s emotional distress may not be a monetary loss, it’s still a painful result of the accident caused by someone’s negligent actions.

Mental Anguish

If the accident caused permanent injuries, the accident victim may also be experiencing mental anguish. Losing function of a limb, or an injury that results in disfigurement is emotionally distressing and difficult for someone to go through. An accident can happen in an instant, and in just a few seconds the accident victim’s life has been changed forever.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Another part of non-economic losses is loss of enjoyment of life, which also looks into how the accident victim’s life has been impacted by the accident.

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