Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

You trust them with your medical care.  You place the lives of your family and children in their hands.  While physicians and other medical professionals usually attend years of training before obtaining a license this does not prevent human error and negligence.  When this happens in the medical field, people get hurt, lives are forever changed and compensation is often the only remedy.

Types of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occur in many forms.  The question usually surrounds whether the doctors actions fall below the applicable standard of care in the area for medical professionals when treating patients.  These examples can include:


If a patient is not properly diagnosed by a medical provider injury or death may result.

Failure to Diagnose

If a medical provider fails to diagnose a condition entirely they should be held accountable for injuries or death that results. A failure to diagnose may also occur where a medical provider fails to diagnose a condition in a timely manner.

Surgical Error

Failing to properly conduct a surgery, accidental lacerations to organs and leaving items inside the human body are all examples of surgical errors that we have seen in our experience.

Negligent Treatment

This is a broad area and may cover a variety of instances of careless conduct on behalf of medical providers.  This may include mishandling patients such as dropping patients during care, leaving sharp objects near mentally handicapped individuals or minors, improper distribution of controlled substances, and failure to treat conditions such as wound care, infections and post-surgical treatment requirements.  The only way to determine if you or your loved-one fits into this broad category is to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

Birth Injuries

Why You Should Not Delay Contacting a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Statutes of Limitations Apply

The law usually requires that you file a lawsuit within two-years after the date on which the mistake occurred.  This presents VERY unique problems in a medical malpractice case,  As Mr. Ferguson has stated, “Medical malpractice cases are not like car wrecks.  You absolutely have to contact us whenever you think a medical provider has hurt you or your people.  We cannot drag our feet on these.  We have to move fast.”  This is usually due to the fact that:

Medical Records Reviews Take Time

It often takes months to acquire medical records from providers.  A thorough review by the lawyer handling a medical practice case is absolutely critical.  If you wait until a month or weeks, you may have a hard time getting a medical malpractice lawyer to take your case.

We May Need an Expert Opinion BEFORE we File a Lawsuit

In some states, the law requires an injured victim of medical malpractice to obtain the opinion of a medical provider/expert BEFORE filing a lawsuit.  This can create time-sensitive issues that are unique to medical malpractice cases.  A medical records review, interviews and even physical examinations can take months to achieve and the statute of limitations remains two-years from the date of the mistake.  The law will not allow delay as an excuse.  For this reason, it is imperative that you contact a medical malpractice attorney the very second that you suspect that you or a loved-one are the victim of medical malpractice.

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