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Log Truck Accidents


Logging is one of the most profitable industries in Alabama and Georgia.  Mostly seen in rural areas, log trucks are used to haul logs from forests to processing facilities throughout both states.  These trucks are often improperly equipped, older model vehicles that should not be operating on the roadways.  The drivers are frequently poorly trained and careless.  We provide free a free log truck accident evaluation to anyone who has been injured in a logging truck accident.

Common Causes of Log Truck Accidents

Every case is different.  However, the common causes of log truck accidents are:

Driver Fatigue

Distracted or Drug Driving

Driver Error

Improper or Defective Equipment

Inexperienced Log Truck Drivers

Unqualified Log Truck Drivers

Who is Liable for Log Truck Accidents?

Obviously, a negligent or careless log truck driver may be found liable for hurting someone.  However, depending on the circumstances, the company that the log truck belongs to may also be held liable for injuries caused by their driver.  As with semi-trucks, log truck companies may be held liabile under one of the following theories:

Negligent Hiring of an Inexperienced/Unqualified Driver

Negligent Entrustment of a Log Truck to a Careless Driver

Negligent Supervision of an Inexperienced Driver

Negligent Training of a Log Truck Driver

Maintaining Improperly Equipped Log Trucks

How Much is My Case Worth?

Unlike interstate motor carriers operating semi-trucks from state to state, log trucks are often considered to be agricultural vehicles that require less vehicle insurance than larger trucking companies.  It is important to hire an experienced log truck accident attorney to evaluate what insurance coverage is available.  If, for example, a theory of recovery exists against the trucking company that owns the truck and not just the driver, you may be entitled to more money.

Every case is differently and given the complex legal landscape of log truck accidents, it is important to contact us immediately for a free evaluation if you have been injured in a log truck accident.