Gaps in Medical Treatment: How to Destroy Your Otherwise Valuable Auto Accident Case

We see this all the time. A potential client calls the office on Monday and was involved in an automobile accident three weeks ago. A negligent driver was clearly at fault for the accident and has ample insurance to provide coverage for the potential client’s injuries. However, the potential client has either not sought medical treatment at all or has only been to one emergency room visit with no follow up plan for treatment. This causes a “gap” in treatment between the time of the accident and either seeking medical treatment at all or creating an ongoing medical treatment plan with a qualified medical provider. Gaps in treatment are a common problem that we see which is fixable in some cases but devastating in others. The reasons for not seeking additional treatment include:

  1. A lack of health insurance coverage;
  2. No transportation for medical treatment;
  3. Bad advice from family members or friends;
  4. Misleading guidance or statements by automobile insurance adjusters.

All of these problems are fixable if you act quickly. If you delay or take a wait-and-see approach, you are going to destroy your case. Gaps in treatment are detrimental to an automobile accident case because:

  1. Gaps in treatment create a perception, right or wrong, that the automobile injury victim was not actually hurt or injured that badly;
  2. Gaps in treatment allow time for intervening events to occur like new accidents or injuries;
  3. Gaps in treatment may cause an accident victim’s injuries to get worse due to a lack of proper care.

The sad reality of the effect of gaps in treatment on an automobile accident case is that it is a totally avoidable problem. The key is contact us 24/7 for a free evaluation so that we may fix this issue before it bars your ability to recover compensation for your injuries. We can help you prevent this problem by:

    1. Helping you get medical treatment within hours or days with an expert medical specialist who will not require health insurance or payment at the time of medical service from you;
    2. Acting quickly to obtain a medical appointment in a very short period of time, in some cases within hours;
    3. Correcting bad advice and providing solid, experienced legal counseling to correct misleading guidance that the injury victim has received from others including family, friends and insurance adjusters. Note again, no matter how nice they are or how much they care about you, they are not skilled automobile accident attorneys.
    4. Providing ongoing support and legal guidance after a medical treatment plan is established.

    Once several weeks or months passes with no medical treatment we may not be able to correct this problem. Act now. Call us 24/7.

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