Defective Product Injuries

Defective Product Injuries

We as consumers expect manufacturers and sellers of products to protect us from defective products.  However, the desire to make a profit or cut corners at the expense of consumers often results in tragic results in the form of serious bodily injury or death.  Our defective product injury attorneys stand ready to assist you and your family if this has happened to you.

Proving Negligence

As with any personal injury case, a defective product injury victim must prove that someone or a company acted negligently in causing their injuries.  Providing this usually requires:

(a) Proving that the manufacturer or adverse party knew or should have known that the product may cause harm to consumers, or

(b) Proving that the manufacturer or adverse party failed to properly warn consumers of known dangers of using the product.

It is important to know that every case is different. Therefore, the only way to determine if you have a valid claim involving a defective product is to contact one of our experienced defective product injury attorneys for a free evaluation.

Who Can Be Held Accountable for Your Injuries?

You must generally prove that a potential adverse party had a sufficient connection to the product such that the party would owe a duty of care to consumers to avoid negligent injuries.  The manufacturers of products usually stand out as the most likely adverse party in these cases.  For example in a case where a vehicle’s seatbelts fail to restrain someone during an accident, there may be a valid claim against the automobile manufacturer.  However, our knowledgeable defective injury attorneys may be able to attach responsibility the following entities in addition to the product manufacturer to:

Product Designer – Defects may occur in the design of the product.  In some cases, the product designer is actually different than the product manufacturer.  If the potential for injury was discovered during the design process and ignored, you may have a claim against the designer.

Product Assembler – Products are frequently assembled by companies as sub-contractors or on behalf of manufacturers.  If failure to properly assemble products results in injury or death, you may have a claim about the assembler of the product in addition to the product manufacturer.

Product Seller – Defects in products can be discovered by the seller or created due to alterations to product design and use by a seller of the product to consumers.  If this is the case, our experienced defective product injury lawyers may be able to establish a claim against the product seller.

The question of who is responsible for your defective product injuries is a very complicated one.  If you fail to properly identify the proper party to make a claim against your claim may be either reduced or completely barred.  As a result, please contact our defective product injury attorneys if you have been injured by a defective product.

Common Products Involved in Defective Injury Claims

Any defective product that injures someone can be subject to a defective product injury claim.  There are, however, products that frequently show up in these cases.  These include:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial products
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Agricultural products and chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Tools
  • Pesticides and chemical products
  • Construction equipment