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Commercial Vehicle Accidents


In addition to representing injury victims in cases involving semi-trucks, we also represent those who have been injured by other forms of commercial vehicles.  Like trucking cases, these cases require a team of experts and quick action.  If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to the actions of a careless commercial vehicle driver, please contact us now.

Types of Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles come in many forms.  These may include:


Transfer trucks

Log trucks


Utility company vehicles

Tree removal trucks


Construction vehicles

Dump trucks

Box trucks

Taxis and ride-share vehicles

Party buses

Commercial vans

Beverage trucks

Food trucks


Public works vehicles

Commercial Vehicle Cases Require Expertise and Fast Action

Commercial vehicles frequently involve a plethora of unique issues that need to be addressed immediately following an injury.  These may include

(a) Mandatory Notice Requirements

In many cases, commercial vehicles are owned, maintained and controlled by public entities such as state governments, cities and counties.  State laws in both Alabama and Georgia require specific notice requirements be given to the owner of the vehicle.  Depending on the owner, these specific, particular notice requirements can be as little as six-months from the date of the accident.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a complete bar to recovering for your injuries.

(b) Preservation of Evidence

Companies and entities that own commercial vehicles will absolutely attempt to destroy evidence after a commercial vehicle accident.  Specific steps must be taken quickly to demand that these companies and entities preserve valuable evidence such as computer evidence, videos and driving logs, otherwise, this evidence may be forever lost.

(c) Accident Scene Reconstruction and Investigations

Commercial vehicles often involve complex facts and massive property damage.  In many cases, we employ expert accident reconstructionists and engineers to reconstruct, photograph, video and document what actually occurred.  This can be a costly and time-consuming effort that must be performed as quickly after the accident as possible.

(d) Proper Medical Treatment

Physical and emotion injuries resulting commercial vehicle accidents can be catastrophic or even involve death.  A person that has been injured in a commercial vehicle accident should not be restricted from getting proper medical care due to a lack of health insurance, no transportation to appointments or a lack of proper knowledge.