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Bus Accidents

According to recent statistics, over 70,000 accidents per year involve buses.  You need an experienced bus accident attorney to handle your case because bus accident cases can be quite complicated.  Bus accident cases often raise issues of governmental liability if the bus is owned by a local government or State.  Passengers injured by negligent bus drivers may have different options that a person that is struck by a bus as a non-passenger.  Bus drivers and bus companies are regulated by a myriad of local state and federal regulations.  Also, due to the size of most buses, the injuries can be complex and severe.  If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident that involves any kind of bus, please call us for a free case review.

Accidents Involving Government-Owned And/Or Public Transit Buses

Millions of people ride on public buses every day.  Children ride school buses to school.  Commuters ride trains and buses to get to work.  Unfortunately, passengers on buses are frequently injured either due to the negligent actions of another motorist or the carelessness of the bus driver. Likewise, negligent bus drivers are a threat to other motorists lawfully operating on the highways.

Please note that special rules apply to claims against Government entities and/or municipalities.  Normally the statute of limitations for a car accident claim in both Alabama and Georgia is two years from the date of accident.  However, there are special notice requirements in both states that require special filings and notices to the involved entity in a much shorter time period than two years.  If these rules are not followed your claim may be barred permanently.

In Georgia, for example, a notice of claim known as an ante-litem notice must be sent to a city government within 6 months of the accident and 12 months for a county government.  Alabama has similar rules requiring that sworn affidavits of claim be sent to certain government officials.  The rules regarding these notices are in some ways confusing, must contain certain information and must be sent via particular mailing and delivery methods to specific persons within the city or county government.  Again, failing to follow these rules can lead to your claim being permanently barred.  This is simply something that cannot be properly done in a timely manner without the assistance of an experienced bus accident attorney. We strongly urge you to call us for a free bus accident evaluation if you or a loved one have been injured in an accident involving a government-owned and/or public transit bus.

Greyhound Bus & Charter Bus Accidents

As passengers, we trust private charter buses and bus companies to get us from point A to point B safely.  As motorist, we expect bus drivers and companies that operate buses to  be competent experts in the industry that do not carelessly injured people.  In our experience this is not always the case.  tens of thousands of accidents each year involve negligence on the part of bus drivers.  This includes privately-owned charter and corporate transport buses.

Types of Cases Involving Buses

We provide free consultations to anyone involving in any type of accident involving any kind of bus.  This may include

  • Passengers that are injured by the negligent acts of a bus driver
  • Passengers that are injured by the carelessness of another driver while riding on a bus
  • Motorists and their passengers who may not be riding on a bus, but are injured by a bus that is being operated by a negligent bus driver
  • Pedestrians who are hit by a careless bus driver

If you have been injured in a bus accident under any circumstances, please let us know so that we can evaluate your case for free.

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