5 Tips for Avoiding Drunk Driving Accidents in Georgia

Over 400 deaths in automobile accidents each year are caused by drunk drivers.  The sad thing is that most of these accidents are completely avoidable.  Our Georgia drunk driving accident attorneys offer the following tips to avoid becoming an injury victim in a drunk driving accident in Georgia: 

Have a Designated Driver

One of the easiest ways to avoid drunk driving accidents is to have a designated driver any time that you and your friends will be going out and drinking.  It is also a very safe alternative to relying on rideshare apps or taxis.  Using this method will not only avoid accidents but will also allow you to select someone that you trust to drive you and your friends home safely while intoxicated. 

Use Uber and Lyft…or a Taxi

If you do not have a designated driver a rideshare app or a taxi is probably the next best option for avoiding drunk driving accidents. The cost of using one of these services is far less than the cost of a DUI financially as well as the risk of causing a drunk driving accident.  Fortunately rideshare applications like Lyft and Uber are beginning becoming available in more rural areas of Georgia like Valdosta, Georgia, Albany, Georgia and Tifton, Georiga but they are also readily available in larger towns in Atlanta, Georiga, Columbus, Georiga and Savannah, Georgia. If these services are not available, an old-school taxi may be your best alternative to drinking and driving. 

Don’t Ride in The Car with a Drunk Driver

Do not take the easy way out. If you ride in the vehicle with a drunk driver you have absolutely no control whatsoever for what may happen. This is especially true if you have been drinking.  If you drink alcohol and need a way home, do not trust your safety to someone who is just as drunk as you. 

If You Suspect a Drunk Driver, Call 911 or *GSP

If you suspect a person of drinking and driving or a person becomes combative, belligerent or unwilling to turn over the keys call 911 BEFORE they get behind the wheel. If you see a motorist on the road acting in an erratic manner or in a way that suggests drunk driving, do not avoid the issue or refuse to get involved.  Lives are at stake and serious injury or death can be avoided.  In Georgia, calling 911 is always obviously an option but you may also reach the local Georgia State Patrol Post at any time by simply dialing *GSP on your mobile phone. 


Know How to Spot a Drunk Driver on the Road 

If you operate a motor vehicle in Georgia it is important to know the common signs of a potential drunk driver operating a vehicle on Georgia roadways.  Even if you are a teetotaler that completely abstains from all alcohol use being able to spot a drunk driver is important.  It will allow you to both avoid drunk driving accidents that you may involved in but it will also permit you to look out for others and call 911 or *GSP if you see signs of a fellow motorist drinking and driving on Georgia roadways.  Our Georgia drunk driving injury victim attorneys suggest the following things to watch for from other motorists operating motor vehicles on the highway: 


  1. Weaving in and out of traffic;  
  2. Accelerating and decelerating inexplicably; 
  3. A notable inability to maintain a constant speed; 
  4. Driving on the wrong side of the road or in the wrong lane of travel; 
  5. Driving with no lights on at night or in bad weather; 
  6. Driving either too slow or too fast when compared to other motorists on the roadway. 
  7. In our experience representing drunk driving injury victims and their families, Georgia drunk driving accidents occur more frequently on holidays or on weekends.


    We Represent Drunk Driving Accident Victims 


    Drunk driving accidents in Georgia routinely result in serious bodily injury or death.  If you or a loved one are involved in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver, you may face unpaid medical expenses, lost wages and future medical expenses due to the reckless behavior of the person that hit you.  Our Georgia drunk driving injury victim attorneys are available 24/7 to assist you and your family if you need us.  The call is free and we promise to give you the exact same advice that we would give our family if they were hurt by a drunk driver in Georgia.



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